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Why Us

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Fantasy Football is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. The idea of getting to be your own general manager, draft players, trade, and set weekly lineups has almost become a common household activity. However, there are sites out there that claim they can help you win your leagues and earn you the bragging rights that go with it, but none of them can help you as Fantasy Scouts can.


Fantasy Scouts was created during the summer of 2020 by me (Matt Nein) and Sam Erman. After exchanging messages back and forth for several weeks, we quickly realized that we had something that no one else did and wanted to create a brand based on it.


Well, does Fantasy Scouts offer that other fantasy companies don’t?


Sam and I have had the opportunity to build connections and relationships over the years from previous jobs we’ve had and maintaining those relationships have given us a major advantage in the fantasy football world. A kind of insight that other fantasy companies can’t offer you. Our relationships allow us access to inside information from around the league that we use to help us make better fantasy football decisions. Between the two of us, we have worked as assistant coaches in the NFL, scouts at the NFL and collegiate level, and have been employed by football programs at major collegiate universities. Both Sam and I have also played football (Sam at the college level) and I think that’s a huge advantage when it comes to scouting and giving advice. You wouldn’t want someone who has never cooked to give you cooking advice, so why would you want someone who has never played/coached football giving you football advice (especially when your money is at stake)?


Now the question you’re probably asking yourself is;


“How does this help me with fantasy football?”


Knowing if a player is about to be traded or signed via FA can help you by days and sometimes weeks get ahead of your league mates. This can allow you time to either send out an offer to acquire a player/s or sell a player/s based on the information presented. Not only that, but we receive information from teams about player usage, roles, injuries, practice reports, and training camp reports (which is the best time of year!). The key to winning your fantasy matchups, let alone your league, is having as much information as possible to help you make the best-informed decision possible.



Here are some of the past reports we were days to weeks ahead of anyone else. (I will be using Adam Schefter for reference since he is the best insider out there.)

  • Philip Rivers to Indy (2020) – Scouts reported March 8th, Schefter reported March 17th

  • Cam Newton to NE (2020) – Scouts reported April 27th, Schefter reported June 28th

  • Jadaveon Clowney signs with TEN (2020) – Scouts reported May 27th, Schefter reported September 6th

  • Jamal Adams trade to SEA (2020) – Scouts reported July 9th, Schefter reported July 25th

  • Urban Meyer to JAX (2021) – Scouts reported January 5th, Schefter reported January 11th

  • Trey Lance to SF (2021) – Scouts reported March 30th, Lance was drafted 3rd overall to SF


In addition to signings and trades, we receive training camp updates every year that help us identify who will start slow and who might surprise us. Some of the few we have reported thus far...

  • Jonathan Taylor looked good in camp, but the team wasn’t ready to give him the job yet and Mack was the starter. Expect a slow start. (2020)

  • Chase Claypool was going to be RedZone threat immediately and his role would grow each week. (2020)

  • Keshawn Vaughn was struggling heavily with the playbook and being lazy. We advised our patrons to sell immediately. (2020)

  • Jordan Love has had moments of greatness in camp, but the issue is consistency. The Packers still believe he is the long-term answer. (2021)

  • Zach Wilson struggled almost all of camp and could have a rough rookie year. (2021)


“Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.” – Mark Cuban


These are just a drop in the bucket compared to how many reports like this we receive. Obviously, some parts of the year are slower than others so we don’t have reports every day but when we do have a report, we will let you know. Since Sam and I formed Fantasy Scouts, the reports we give are accurate over 85% of the time.


Even though Fantasy Scouts hangs their hat on inside information, we offer so much more than that.

  • Dynasty

  • ReDraft

  • Inside Information

  • DFS

  • Player Prop Bets

  • In-Season Content (Weekly Review, Waiver Wire Column, Buy/Sell Column, TNF Preview)

  • Podcast

  • RB model created by Sam

  • QB, RB, WR, & TE Model

  • Discord Access

  • CAP Space Breakdowns of Team Rosters

  • Rookie Rankings

  • Dynasty Rankings

  • Prospect Grades

  • NFL Dashboard

  • DEVY Database

  • Jersey Giveaways

  • Foundation Rankings

  • Anything else you want. We are here to bring you the information you want so if we don’t offer something you want, let us know and we will get it done.


“Wow! This will probably cost me 50$ a month for all of this.”


Wrong, everything listed above you can have for 12$ per month. Other sites and Patreon creator tiers can start at 15$ and go up from there. There is no question that we offer the best value out there. Our cheapest tier starts at 3$ and the most expensive is 12$.


Sam and I pride ourselves on creating a family-like kind of atmosphere in our discord. Regardless of how many people sign up, we will ALWAYS make time to talk to you 1 on 1. It is important to us that you get your specific questions and decisions answered. Other sites can’t give you the time we can.