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The Legend

You win at everything you do. This tier is for winners.

  • Inside Information from Around the NFL

    • The creators of Fantasy Scouts have some deep NFL connections/friends and they are willing to share some of the juicy fantasy details!

  • Rookie Rankings

    • You will receive the consensus Fantasy Scouts rookies rankings as well as each analyst's individual rankings.

  • The NFL Dashboard

    • Every team with every fantasy-relevant player. Everything you could possibly want to know about them from team performance, stats, draft picks/trades, salary CAP/player contracts, and much much more! 

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  • Everything in The Rookie Tier & The Pro Tiers

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The Rookie

You're either new to fantasy football or looking for a little extra push that can help guide you to the promised land!

  • Discord Chat

    • After you sign up we will put you in a group chat with all the Fantasy Scouts Crew! 

    • Access to the IDP and Devy Text Channels

  • Weekly Analytic 

    • One player will be under the microscope as we break down how his season is going and what we should be expecting moving forward. We will break down usage, stats, film, carries/routes run, TS%, snap count, and everything else you need to know.

  • Daily Articles

    • Daily articles that range from trade advice, draft tips, how to manipulate the draft board, when to buy and sell, and much much more!

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Hall Of Fame

Now that you've won everything, you need to be enshrined. Welcome to the fantasy Hall Of Fame. 

  • DEVY Database

    • Acing your rookie drafts is the best way to sustain success and dominance in your leagues. Our DEVY database is the most in-depth database out there for college players. 

    • DEVY Player Rankings

  • TE Grading Unit

    • NEW! to Fantasy Scouts is the TE grading unit. This model is a mix of analytics and film which helps produce a more organic and accurate grade to help you identify whom to draft/avoid at the TE position. 

  • QB Grading Unit

    • Easily the most accurate grading unit for rookie QBs out there. This can help identify those who are bound for superstardom or those who will bust.​

  • RB & WR Grading Metric Units

    • Every year we sit down and crunch all the numbers and variables to help bring you incoming rookie grades to help you identify who is a bust and who is not. 

  • #FoundationRankings

    • Sam and Matt have created a new set of rankings called the FoundationRankings. Players are ranked by position by draft class, position including all draft classes, and a top 100 big board. These are the core platers that you need to be building your team around; foundation pieces.

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  • All The Tiers

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The Pro

You win some, you lose some. You need this info to put you over the hump.

  • Exclusive Fantasy Scout Articles

    • Here you will find some of the best articles the fantasy industry has to offer. A lot of the information we use in our articles comes directly from people inside NFL team facilities. You won't be able to find these kinds of articles anywhere else.

  • CAP Space Analysis Articles

    • An often overlooked, or not even considered, part of fantasy football is a team's salary CAP. Using this information and figuring out where teams have money allocated can potentially help you identify sleepers, trade candidates, cut candidates, and players that teams are fully committed to. 


All The Fantasy Scout In-Season Content!

  • Weekly Recaps with Chad

    • On Mondays, Chad will give us the ‘Weekly Recap’ from all the Sunday games. Who performed well, who didn’t, what were the highlights, what players you should keep an eye on, and what to expect for the upcoming week.

  • The Waiver Wire Column

    • On Tuesday's, Benjamin will give us his waiver wire column. Who you should prioritize and be claiming/dropping since waivers clear Wednesday morning.

  • TNF Preview

    • On Wednesday's, Austin will give us his TNF preview article. Covering every aspect of the game from start/sits, point projections, and who he thinks will win.

  • Buy/Sell/Trade Column 

    • The Draft Director will give us his buy/sell column. What players you should be buying and selling for the remainder of the season based on matchups, injuries, performance, and anything else that he factors in.

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  • Everything in The Rookie Tier

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