Here at Fantasy Scouts, we offer a lot of premium content in addition to our free content. We offer very unique RB, WR, TE, and QB grading metrics for rookies entering the league, yearly rookie rankings, inside NFL information, Inside Training Camp information, The ScoutZone, an NFL database, and the ALL NEW #FoundationRankings! 

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The RB Metric

FFBallAllDay has developed a very in depth grading system that helps identify busts and elite prospects for the rookie class.


The WR Metric

The Draft Director has developed a very in depth grading system that helps identify busts and elite prospects for the rookie class.

The TE Metric

Knowing who the next best TE is could be the difference between winning a fantasy championship or not. A highly accurate TE grading system to help you identify busts & possible stars.

DEVY Databases

Andrew has built the Scouts DEVY databases for all the upcoming draft classes. Some of the most in-depth and detailed work out there. 

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NFL Inside Info

The Fantasy Scouts have access to some of the most reliable NFL sources in the business. We share with you what they share with us keeping you up to date before everyone else. 


Rookie Rankings

After careful calculations using our in-house grading metrics as well as film study, we rank the players to help you know who to draft. 


Matt & Sam have created a new set of rankings for those who are building a dynasty team from the ground up. A composite list of ranks with the best young NFL talent. 


Camp Insider

Want to know what is going on with your team? Check out all the latest inside info from NFL Training Camp. 

The QB Metric

Matt has put together one of the most accurate QB grading systems out there. This will help you identify potential superstars all the way to busts.

NFL Dashboard

Every team, every player, and everything you could want to know about them. A one-stop-shop for all your NFL info. 

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