The RB Metric 

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The FFBallAllDay RB rookie grading system is one of a kind metric and the most accurate out there! It uses Athletic profiles, college production, efficiency metrics, and more all while factoring in coaching schemes, coaching tenure with success, and draft capital. This all in one tool gives you everything you need to be successful while drafting RBs and being a step ahead of the competition.

The QB Metric 

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"When I began to build my QB model, I didn't think I'd find anything worthwhile. We see guys get drafted highly all the time and flame out and guys go a little later and become super successful. A lot of the success QBs have, have to do with landing spot. Did they land in a good situation with a good coach that will actually give them time to develop? I think that is the biggest issue we see in the NFL with coaching staffs is that QBs get thrown out too quickly if they don't hit right away.  While landing spot is important, talent is more important. I was shocked at my findings within this model. 


There are a lot of different factors that weigh into my model but I wanted to get ahead of the curve. The typical NFL QB is moving towards a more dual-threat type of player. The classic pockets passers of old are not viewed as highly as they once were. This is not to say that pocket passing QB isn't athletic, but more so that QBs with a running ability bring an extra element to the offense. In order to account for this, I weigh college rushing production in my model and combine rushing TDs with passing TDs as opposed to only looking at passing. This production doesn't make or break a player profile, but it does give a bonus to those who can. Other factors included are QBR, INT Rate, Draft Capital, Career Pass Attempts, and Completion % to name a few." - Matt

The TE Metric 

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The TE Metric has finally arrived! Andrew and Matt have spent the last few weeks building this and researching each player meticulously to hopefully bring you a grading chart that can identify which TEs will be successful in the NFL and which ones to avoid. 

This grading system uses a variety of factors from 40 times, SPARQ scores, catch radius, and more. We also incorporated a custom 'film grade' to mix into the scores so we can more accurately and organically have a well-rounded grade. Not only what we see on paper but also what our eyes see on film.