• Sam Erman

2021 RB Free Agents

FF Sam / @FFBallAllDay

My projection on where or not they will become an un-restricted free agent, franchise tagged, or an extension.

Dalvin Cook - extension. Banking on himself this year and another elite season will Lock him in.

Joe Mixon - franchise tag. Bengals will likely want to see it again if he has a big campaign.

Alvin Kamara - extension. Another big campaign should Lock him in.

Kenyan Drake - Extension....BUT...If he has a subpar year, they WILL move on. This year is make or break for him to get a big payday and he knows that.

Kareem Hunt - free agent. Cleveland is the Chubb show (who will get an extension when his time comes). No team will pay 2 RBs top money. Hunt wont be back.

Aaron Jones - free agent. Although I think this would be a huge mistake.

Todd Gurley - free agent. Could see him getting a modest 2 year deal in Atlanta if things work out.

James Conner - free agent. Hasn't been the pinnacle of health. Bigger names coming up for an extension and will need a QB soon. I believe they take an RB in the 1st next year. Harris is my dream.

Leonard Fournette - free agent.

Marlon Mack - free agent.

Phillip Lindasy - modest extension.

Matt Bredia - modest team extension.

Tarik Cohen - extension. Has multiple roles for that team.

James White - free agent. Just Bill business.

Chris Carson - franchise if he has a good year. Free agent otherwise.