• Sam Erman

Amari Rodgers: Rookie Profile

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If you like Deebo Samuel, then you should love my guy Amari Rodgers. Someone I’ve been vocal about, but not loud enough. That changes now.

My 2021 must-have WR is someone you’re probably still too low on. Let’s have a rather lengthy chat.

He’s a smaller framed guy who plays much bigger than given credit for. You’ll remember I said I typically fade 5’9” or shorter guys. But, Moore and Rodgers are very unique. I know 1 is pro analytics and the other isn’t, I don’t particularly care. They have such unique skill sets.

His separation is going to be elite at the next level. No wasted movement, uses his feet to get to his stem and drive. Hard cuts and flies everywhere. He is someone teams want to get the ball to in the short field and down the field because he can create that next-level separation.

Anytime he got his chance, he performed. Worked with Higgins, Renfrow, and Justyn Ross throughout his career. This level of improvement and consistency in growth is what teams and scouts love. He’s an extremely bright player who loves to perfect his craft.

(Photo Credit: Player Profiler)

Before college, he came in at 5’9” 211 pounds. A pretty clean bill of health. A very highly sought-after talent. A 4-star recruit and a top 20 WR of the 2017 class. He was given an ATH tag by some schools because his athleticism led some to believe he should play safety.

(Photo Credit: ESPN)

Now, there’s an elephant in the room. “Ah yeah, his analytics stink. Can’t draft him”. You’re right, they aren’t in his favor but there’s something large that happened which hinders this. Also, he was on a team with that many studs and stars someone starts late. No-fault of his.

(Photo Credit: Player Profiler)

Now, you look at that BOA and other metrics and worry, but this is where context matters, like it, does with every player. Rodgers tore his ACL in 2019. Came back in 6 months! Dudes a warrior, and obviously that affects his metrics. (Photo creds/snippet - @PFN365)

He produced well right after the ACL and bounced back fast but it’s very doubtful that he was every TRULY back to 10000%. You can be 99.9% and playing but need some time adjusting. To be able to return in 6 months means you had to have been working like an absolute unit. I understand the hesitation and why you’ll want to chase the better “profile,” but I ask if you trust me in the slightest, let him be the one you ignore and move forward with me. When you face injury you will always take a ding in the numbers area.

A lot of people say, “Well I wanna see DC then I can adjust”. Amari is absolutely a day 2 guy. More likely round 2. He’s 21 years old, a wildly talented player that teams value very highly. Project forwards, always. On the bright side, one analytic that goes in his favor is BMI. If you’re a BMI’er, then his 5’9” 221 frame is right up your alley. He has that short and stocky frame but stops on a dime, can make everyone miss like an RB or even go over you.

There’s nothing this dude can’t do. Want a burner? He can do that too.

Need a tough physical catch where you’re going to get popped? Amari’s got you.

Do you need him to go up and over for a score? Yup.

Need someone who can read zones, sit in the right spot, and adjust while making an incredible catch? Yup, he can do that too. He has every single tool you need and want in a DOMINANT slot WR at the next level. From high IQ zone reads, athletic catches, and making DBs go skating.

Do you need a punt returner? Yup. Catching a theme here? There’s nothing this dude can’t do. With how deep this class is, the best part is he’s going to be a value in the late 2nds/early 3rds of your rookie drafts.

Rodgers is such a good player he’ll get his from solely being open. He’ll get his because they’ll want to manufacture touches for him. Amari is gonna be all over the field. Trust the talent and tape on this 1. And together, we ride to victory.