• Philip Darrow

CAP Space Analysis: Seattle Seahawks

Twitter: @philip_darrow

The Seattle Seahawks come into 2021 with about $22 million in cap room. Let’s investigate what the future fantasy implications are and what moves they can make with this while possibly creating more cap room.

The Seahawks are at a crossroads. Russell Wilson is not happy with their current situation and wants more input into the roster. They also only have 19 players under contract in 2022, of which the 49ers have the same, and only the Steelers have less at 18. They can create between $61.5 million and $69.2 million extra in cap space (with between $2 and $4.32 million in dead cap) with the moves above to have between $67-75 million in cap room. They have little to no draft capital and will need to hand out lots of expensive extensions to provide cap relief, all while they only have 48 players under contract this offseason. They have a laundry list of Free Agents and will likely need to keep many younger cheap players to fill out the roster.

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