• Philip Darrow

CAP Space Analysis: Tennessee Titans

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The Tennessee Titans come into 2021 with about $8 million in cap room. Let’s investigate what the future fantasy implications are and what moves they can make with this while possibly creating more cap room.

The Titans have about $8 million in cap room currently and some notable Free Agents in Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith. They also need to fix the defense that struggled this year.

John Lowell over at USA Today Titans wire had some interesting names and stats that caught my eye in his Feb 4th article. I had to look it up to double-check as I thought this had to be a typo but no, Adoree Jackson had 12 total tackles last year when he played for them. The former 1st round pick from 2017 is my number one expected cut candidate as he has not produced on the field and they can move on with no dead cap hit and clear over $10 million to let them find more talent for that defense and or cover the franchise tag on Jonnu Smith which has been rumored to be under consideration.

Isiah Wilson likely will never play for the Titans again, with his off-field issues and social media posts that he quickly deleted, they will look to move on from him and try to get anything for him that they can. Likely they will work to get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him as another team hopes they can salvage the former first-rounder from just a year ago. (Update before this posted: They did trade him to Dolphins and swapped 7th rounders in that deal.)

While I do not expect them to make all the moves above, they can potentially clear up to $68.5 million in cap room (with up to $8.5 million in dead cap) while keeping their O line for the most part intact while allowing them to address the defense in FA and the draft. Update: Adoree Jackson did get cut before this post as I had expected, while Butler was released when I had projected a restructure.

QB: Tannehill is still severely underrated as a QB, a top 10 fantasy QB on this team, and you are likely getting him at QB 15 or lower price. I have him in one of my SF leagues and he is a 'set it and forget it' for the most part. His running keeps his floor higher than most. For 1 QB leagues as well, he is someone you can grab cheaply and allow you to take a flyer on a QB like Trey Lance who will need 1-2 years to develop in the NFL while still giving you great QB play.

RBs: It's Derrick Henry’s world and we just live in it. As Avenged Sevenfold says: Hail to the King. Evans is his backup but has no value unless an injury hits Henry. You likely see an RB 2-3 years down the road but for now, Henry is the only one with value.

TEs: Jonnu Smith is likely to be tagged and is the TE to own at this time. Firkser is a FA as well and likely will be back as an RFA. In fact, they have their 4 top TEs all hitting FA this offseason. I would expect them to look to the draft for someone later and FA for a cheaper option as well but barring it being Pitts, Jordan, or Freiermuth in the draft, I would not expect whomever they bring in to have much impact. (Update: Jonnu signed with the Pats as he was not tagged and Firkser, for now, seems to be the best option, but they likely address this in the draft.)

WRs: AJ Brown is the clear Alpha and potential Dynasty WR1 even. The biggest thing holding him back is the offense that relies on the run so much. If he ever gets the target volume that others get, he would easily be the WR1. Likely his cost is too much currently to acquire. If they let Corey Davis go, which could net them a comp pick in 2022, then you would want to watch their draft to see whom they take with their 3rd and 4th round picks as this class is deep. If you own Davis, once he signs somewhere else, I would consider selling as I think you will be seeing his top value. (Update: Corey Davis signed with the Jets.)

Draft Capital

  • 1st Round #22

  • 2nd Round #53

  • 3rd Round #86

  • 3rd Round Comp pick (Jack Conklin) #101

  • 4th Round #127

  • 5th Round #167

  • 6th Round #185

  • 7th Round #215