• Sam Erman

I'm Out!

FF Sam / @FFBallAllDay

Through 4 weeks we have a lot of info and intel. Values have shifted. Certain players you paid up for, are essentially worthless. There are players you got for free who you should cash out. There are players who are on the field, scoring points, but I’m out on. You should be too.

Kenyan Drake:

Look, I was big on the Drake train early in the offseason. As the offseason went on, I cooled somewhat on but still had him as someone who would be a fringe RB1. Through 4 weeks, he’s been awful for fantasy and producing for the Cardinals. He’s getting the rushing volume but is doing nothing with it. He’s averaging under 4 yards a rush. He is being inefficient there. But what’s worse, the thing that made him super appealing for fantasy leagues was his passing game usage. He has 5 receptions through 4 games. Chase Edmonds is getting the receiving work. He’s averaging 8.9 fantasy points per game. He’s a flex with minimal upside until we see otherwise. I’m out.

Michael Gallup:

Coming off a 66 reception, 1107-yard, 6 TD season the sky was seemingly the limit. In came Mike McCarthy. A coach who likes to sit back and sling it. Then in April, the Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb. That’s okay, Gallup is still a baller. But, here’s the problem, Lamb hit the ground running. You can make an argument he’s the Cowboys best WR, already. Gallup has disappeared. Dak Prescott had 500+ passing yards. Gallup had 29. Yes, 29 of those yards.

“Yeah but last week he had 6 receptions for 138 yards and a score!” One would notice, last week when Gallup went off, Lamb was hurt for a period of time. Gallup’s target share is not large either.

Week 1: 13.51%

Week 2: 10.87%

Week 3: 16.07%

Week 4: 8.62%

That target share is not going to get it done. Gallup from here on out is no more than a flex play with some upside. Love the talent, the situation is not what it was supposed to be, Lamb is way better immediately than anticipated. I’m out.

Ravens RBs:

Look, I almost said I’m out on everyone not named Lamar Jackson. I’ve never been big on anyone in the receiving game in Baltimore. The volume is not there. You’re either getting a boom or bust game from Hollywood and Andrews. Way too TD dependent. They burn you more than you want to admit. But, we need to talk about the running backs. What is going on?

Ingram looks bad. He hit the wall. The workload isn’t there like what people want. He is rotated in too much.

Dobbins is raw and learning the offense. He looks okay but not special either. Getting pulled in and out too much.

Gus Edwards has been BY FAR the best RB in Baltimore this year. He’s consistent and a steady hand. The problem is he gets pulled in and out too much.

Notice a theme here? That room is a carousel, and you can’t pick the right one. You’re banking on a TD. The snap percentage from the 3 has been interesting to watch and impossible to play.

Ingram- 36.7%

Dobbins- 42.2%

Edwards- 31.2%

It’s a 3 way circle. The one who looks the best is getting the least amount of work. Someone will emerge, maybe, guess you should bet on the draft capital of Dobbins. But until then, I’m out.

DJ Moore:

For the price you paid, you are not happy. Especially watching the Panthers WR1 Robby Anderson, light up defenses. Moore hasn’t been bad. He hasn’t been particularly good for your lineups. He’s averaging 11.7 PPR points. 1 game over 5 receptions. 1 game over 75 yards. He has to yet hit pay dirt and get into the endzone. The talent is there, but what you paid you are not happy. Meanwhile you have Anderson having 99 or 100+ yards in 3 of the 4 games. 5+ receptions in each game and being the best player for the Panthers while CMC is out. Moore’s slipping with a new coach, QB, and stud WR on the other side isn’t much of a coincidence in my opinion. He’ll be fine for fantasy, but not a WR1 like many, including myself, had hoped. For his price, production, and teammate being better so far, I’m out.

Nick Foles:

I’m prepared to take smoke here after the 1 bad outing against the best defense in the league, but if you’re looking back and watching the comeback from last week, he wasn’t good for big stretches. If you go back and watch the film, he had 4, yes count them 4 plays that should have been intercepted. They weren’t because Atlanta is awful. Nagy doesn’t seem to know how to open up his offense. I don’t trust their line and think we see Trubisky again at some point. Sad, but it’s true. I see the Bears taking a QB in the upcoming draft because neither on the roster are it.

Here is a nice breakdown from former NFL QB J.T. Sullivan on some good and bad from Foles in Atlanta. I think Foles is a ticking time bomb, just as was his now backup, Mitch Trubisky.

A Couple More:

AJ Green and TY Hilton look old, awful, and washed. Simple as that. I am out.