• Matt Nein

James Robinson

Matt Nein / @mnein9

We are 2 weeks into the 2020 NFL regular season and I am ready to give James Robinson the stamp of approval. This guy is the real deal.

Week 1 Stats:

- 16 rushes for 62 yards / 1 target for 1 reception for 28 yards 

- Robinson saw 2 red-zone carries week 1. 

- No other RB on the Jaguars roster had a carry in week 1. 

- Off snap Pct - 68%

Week 2 Stats:

- 16 rushes for 102 yards with 1TD / 4 targets for 3 receptions for 18 yards.

- Robinson had 1 red-zone target and 1 red-zone carry that he converted for the TD. 

- Chris Thompson had 2 carries.

- Off snap Pct - 51%

James Robinson is 14th in rushing attempts and 8th in rush yards through 2 weeks.


Robinson has 4 runs of 10+ yards, is averaging 5.1 YPC, and averages 3.88 yards after contact.

Robinson is 1 of 16 RBs seeing a 50%+ snap share through the first 2 weeks. 

Through 2 weeks, only 2 Jaguars RBs have logged a rush attempt. Robinson has 32 and Thompson has 2. 

There is no question whatsoever to who the RB1 in Jacksonville is. Robinson has looked phenomenal thus far. One of the reasons I am ready to say that Robinson is here to stay is because he has not been running against cupcake defenses. Tennessee has one of the best defenses in the NFL this year. Both the Titans and Colts finished in the top 12 of run defense in 2019. The Colts absolutely shut down Dalvin Cook last week as well. 

This week, Robinson gets a very favorable matchup against Miami on TNF. In 2019 Miami finished as a bottom 6 run defense. In week 1, Miami gave up 217 rushing yards and 3 TDs to the Patriots. In week 2, they gave up 111 yards to the Bills. Unlike the Patriots and the Bills, the Jaguars do not have a committee at RB nor do the have a mobile QB that has designed runs. James Robinson is the only show in town. 

Projected Stat Line:

16-18 carries for 97 yards and 1TD.

If I am someone looking to buy Robinson, he is well worth a 2nd and maybe even 2 2nds. 

Robinson is a locked in high RB2 for the remainder of the season.