• Benjamin Shamel

Juju Smith-Schuster’s Next Dance Partner

Twitter: @benjamm1n

Juju Smith-Schuster has become one of the most baffling enigmas in the entire fantasy football stratosphere. He is one of the most difficult players to rank and his fantasy landing spot may not even be enough information to properly validate one’s ranking of him. Part of me feels as though he is in the best possible situation for his value a la Le’Veon Bell was when he was in Pittsburgh. Juju’s role in Pittsburgh allows him to focus on the slot where he excels and the plethora of receiver weaponry on the team helps him find a proper rhythm to the game flow without putting too much pressure on him. It would seem the only way his situation could improve is if he gets paired with a quarterback who has some more gas left in the tank than Big Ben. So, let us take a look at some of the best possible landing spots for Juju.

  • Cardinals

If there is one spot that Juju can fit snugly in a similar role to the one he currently has in Pittsburgh personnel-wise it is in Arizona. Juju would clearly slide into the WR2 role behind DeAndre Hopkins which could allow him to shine the way he did when he was working alongside Antonio Brown. Not to mention he would have Kyler Murray to grow with who is one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the league. The Cardinals are missing exactly JuJu’s expertise which is middle-of-the-field play to take the pressure off the deep route runner. This spot would be a match made in heaven for both parties if JuJu can tolerate being the second read in the offense.

  • Browns

The Browns have about 25 million dollars left in cap space and could make more room if they decide to move on from O’Dell Beckham Jr. This offense surged after his injury and though I am by no means of the mindset that the team is better off without OBJ in the lineup it is possible that a fresh start could be best for both parties. If that is the case, and JuJu feels slighted by the likely result of Pittsburgh not paying up to keep him then it would make sense to jump ship to a rival to try to stick it to the Steelers twice a year.

  • Raiders

The Raiders were set to be content at wide receiver for years to come with the amount of draft picks they had last season. That did not turn out their way as they passed on the likes of Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb for Henry Ruggs and paired him with Bryan Edwards. These players are far from already being classified as a bust but they did underperform expectations and it is difficult to look at the success of other wideouts from the class and not be disappointed if you’re the Raiders. Could they take a shot on yet another Pittsburgh receiver? Perhaps if they do it could turn out to be a more successful endeavor this time around. It is easy to imagine success for JuJu in an offense that is desperate for receivers who can help shed some coverage away from Darren Waller and allow separation for the play-action attack to get going.

  • Others

Of course, there are always curveballs in the NFL. Other suitors like the Jets, Ravens, and Dolphins are also possibilities. Normally I would include the Packers in that list but I cannot remember the last time they shelled out good money for a free agent receiver. Like everyone else, all we and our dynasty shares can do now is wait with eager anticipation to see where JuJu lands.