• Matt Nein

Myles Gaskin

Matt Nein / @mnein9

One of the biggest surprises thus far this season has been the emergence of Dolphins RB, Myles Gaskin. Lets take a look through the Dolphins RB snaps through 2 weeks and see if we can determine a trend.

Week 1 Stats:

M. Gaskin - 9 carries for 40 yards / 4 targets with 4 receptions for 26 yards / (0 red-zone targets or rushes) / Offensive Snap Pct - 63%

J. Howard - 8 carries for 7 yards with 1TD / 0 targets / (3 red-zone carries, all inside the 5 yards line) / Offensive Snap Pct - 15%

M. Breida - 5 carries for 22 yards / 0 targets / (2 red-zone carries) / Offensive Snap Pct - 23%

P. Laird - 0 carries / 2 targets with 2 receptions for 9 yards / Offensive Snap Pct - 6%

Week 2 Stats:

M. Gaskin - 7 carries for 46 yards / 7 targets with 6 receptions for 36 yards / (2 red-zone carries) / Offensive Snap Pct - 65%

J. Howard - 5 carries for 4 yards with 1TD / 0 targets / (2 red-zone carries, all inside the 5 yards line) / Offensive Snap Pct - 11%

M. Breida - 7 carries for 37 yards / 1 target with 1 reception for 2 yards / (1 red-zone carries) / Offensive Snap Pct - 21%

Through 2 weeks, Gaskin has dominated the snap share % for the Dolphins. He is 1 of 10 RBs in the NFL to have a 60%+ snap share through the first 2 weeks.

Gaskin is tied for 3rd in the NFL in RB targets with 11 yet he is 41st in RB rush attempts.

(The Dolphins just aren't running the ball often.)

Gaskin leads the Dolphins RBs in targets with 11 and the next closest is Laird with 2.

Gaskin also leads the Dolphins in rush attempts with 16, Jordan Howard with 13, and Matt Breida with 12.

So what does all this mean?

Myles Gaskin is the lead back in Miami without question. His snap percentage indicates he rarely comes off the field and is used in the passing game frequently. Hopefully moving forward Gaskin can generate more rush attempts to make him a more reliable fantasy option. He is averaging 5.38 yards per attempt so when he does get carries he is making the most of them.

Matt Breida seems to be Gaskins backup occasionally relieving him from time to time.

Jordan Howard is the goal line back. He has 13 rushing attempts with 5 coming inside the 5 yard line. This unfortunately dramatically caps the ceiling of Gaskin.

Gaskin is the preferred RB in passing situations and it isn't close; however there is more of a committee for rushing attempts. Gaskin has been the most efficient of the 3 and looked the most explosive.

In redraft, I would ignore all these guys moving forward. There is not enough fantasy points to be had in this backfield right now to warrant a roster spot unless someone gets injured.

In dynasty, Gaskin is the guy to own. I would keep him on the bench and hope he gets more rushing work in the near future and maybe Breida/Howard gets traded.

Hopefully the coaching staff realizes that Gaskin is the best back on the roster and they start to give him more work. The only thing that makes me hesitant is that HC Flores comes from the Belichick coaching tree where RBs by committee was the preferred option.

The arrival of Tua Tagovialoa should also help the Dolphins be in more positive game scripts when he becomes the starter. I would hold Gaskins until we see how he meshes with Tua because they could be a very good combo on the field together.