• Kyle Chapman PT, DPT

Parris Campbell Injury Analysis

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Parris Campbell was drafted 59th overall (2nd round) by the Colts 16 picks before his teammate, the stud himself, Terry McLaurin. Unfortunately, injuries have derailed his first two years.

Do we give this guy a chance, or is he a lost cause?

  • October 29, 2016 – Parris Sprained his Ankle in a game against Northwestern and missed one game.

Analysis: Not concerned, ankle sprains happen, and he bounced back quickly. Since entering the NFL, however, he has had a plethora of injuries. Let’s jump into his rookie year.

  • July 9th, 2019 - Parris Campbell was noted to have been struggling through hamstring injuries throughout his rookie training camp.

Analysis: He went on to play this season and, as we all know, the hamstring ended up being the least of his worries through this season and next.

  • September 29th, 2019 – Campbell suffered a sports hernia and missed two games. It’s been found that return to sport (RTS) following hernia repair is high and postoperative performance is not significantly changed, but there was a change in career length.

Analysis: By itself, this is not a major concern for re-injury. He had surgery to repair this as well and returned only two games later.

  • November 3rd, 2019 – In his second game back from sports hernia surgery (first one back he had limited snaps), Parris fractured his hand. This injury was bad enough to require surgery (could be a plate, screws, wires, etc.) likely to realign the bone properly.

Analysis: All in all, you’d rather have a fracture than a soft tissue/ligamentous injury in terms of recovery and re-injury. He could have aches and pains, but minimal concern for re-injury.

  • December 8th, 2019 – Parris Campbell is back! For all of a portion of a game where he now fractured his foot.

Analysis: Similar to the previous injury, all in all, a fracture is a better scenario than a ligamentous injury for re-injury purposes.

2019 Season Recap:

  • Parris Campbell played in 7 games.

  • He was injured in 4!! of them.

  • Analysis: None of them were alarming by themselves, but together there is definitely a reason for concern.

Let’s move on to 2020.

  • September 20th, 2020 - Game 2 of the 2020 NFL season, Parris Campbell takes a tough tackle and has a pretty bad knee injury involving his PCL (likely Gr III) and his MCL.

Analysis: He missed the rest of the year due to this and had surgery on 10/1/20. Of his previous injuries, this one is the most concerning.

Although it was difficult to find RTP studies for multi-ligament knee injuries involving the PCL/MCL with repair as these injuries are rarer than ACL/MCL. There are studies showing surgical repair had better return to play findings than a non-surgical rehab.

2020 Season Recap:

  • Campbell played one full game in 2020 with 9 targets 6 receptions and 71 yards.

  • Over 16 games that’d be over 1K season.

  • Once again, however, Campbell couldn’t stay on the field.

Now, Parris is currently sitting with this value:

  • DLF 2021 ADP: 118

  • He is getting drafted after players like Mike Williams, Mecole Hardman, Bryan Edwards, Sterling Shepard

  • Per DLF Trade Analyzer, he is valued around 2021 3.05 pick (SF)

So what do we do with Campbell?

HOLD! His upside far exceeds his current value of a mid-third-rounder for SF or a late second-rounder for Non-SF. Potential buyers, proceed with caution. You can't be buying him for his upside value. That being said, I'd absolutely buy him for anywhere around the prices listed above or a slight bit higher, solely for his upside if healthy. That being said... Analysis: Campbell is a highly volatile player. His injury concern is quite high as he’s already had four surgeries in his first two years in the NFL. Injury Prone is not a thing, but man this guy is susceptible. Temper expectations! If he is healthy he seems almost surefire FLEX at his lowest output. His measurables and potential are undeniable, but so is his extensive history in such a short period of time.