• Sam Erman

Player Profile: Derek Carr

FF Sam / @FFBallAllDay

Derek Carr; the most disrespected NFL QB we've seen in a long time and he's going to win you leagues in 2020.

He's always been solid. Never amazing, except 2016 when he was an MVP candidate, but here's the thing. His 2019 season was wild and no one is talking about it. The Raiders are his team. You know that, I know that, and Mariota knows that.

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In 2019 Carr lost AB, who he never even got to play with. So let's look at who he was throwing to in 2019.

Darren Waller, nice.

Hunter Renfow, okay.

Tyrell Williams, ehhhh.

Ryan Grant, uhhhh.

Zay Jones, lol.

JJ Nelson, okay.

You get it?

He wasn't surrounded by a great cast. With all of that, first year in Coach Gruden's system, which is complicated, hard to learn, and he can be quite the dick, Carr had a great year and no one is wanting to talk about it for some reason. While throwing to, as @ColinCowherd says, Lawn furniture and deck chairs Carr:

Completed 70%+ of his passes.

Had 4000+ yards.

20+ TDs.

Only 8 TDs.

Career-high in Y/A with 7.9 so he wasn't just "checking it down".

Highest rating of his career with 100.8.

Now he enters year 2 with Coach Gruden and a new set of toys to throw to. Bryan Edwards, an absolute STUD out of South Carolina. Henry Ruggs, the 1st WR taken off the board in the NFL and someone you can make an argument as THE BEST WR in the 2020 class. Josh Jacobs in year 2, who is reportedly getting more passing work. Darren Waller, the TE stud. His security blanket in Renfrow. 2019 was a good year for him, but 100% his floor with Coach Gruden.

In 2019 he finished as the QB17 in 6 pt passing TD leagues. Mind you, throwing to junk. He's coming off the board as QB23. Worse than his finish last year, at his floor last year as well. That value is impeccable and almost laughably crazy cheap. Fantasy isn't always sexy, but Derek Carr is the definition of an auto smash on draft day for his price. Derek Carr is 100% going to win you a lot of leagues this year!