• Sam Erman

Player Profile: Josh Allen

Twitter: @FFBallAllDay

If you have him outside of your top 8 QB's you are doing yourself is a disservice.

Year 1 - QB13 in PPG. Year 2 - QB6 on year.

First, we look at his rookie year, sophomore year, progression, and the pieces put around him. In 2018 he completed 52.8% of his passes. The Bills had the 2nd most dropped passes in the league with 26 dropped passes. That alone, if they had caught those passes brought his pass completion to 60.9%. He was throwing to studs like Jay Zones, Robert Foster, and Kelvin Benjamin. In year 2 he completed 58.8% of his passes. The Bills had 36 dropped passes and that would have bumped his completion percentage up to 72.2% per Pro Football Reference.

Can you always hang your head on these? No, drops are going to happen. Cannot hang on hypotheticals here. But it does show his accuracy isn't as bad as some make you think and he has been held back with his poor surrounding cast. That is why Diggs addition is going to be so big.

Diggs is one of the most skilled WRs in the league and is not going to drop many balls. Allen's progression completion percentage-wise tells us in year 2 he will easily be around 62-65% completion especially while throwing to Diggs.

  • In year 1 he threw to guys like Benjamin, Zay Jones, and Robert Foster.

  • In year 2 he threw to guys like John Brown, Beasley, and Mckenzie.

  • In year 3 he will be throwing to Diggs, Brown, Beasley.

  • Brown and Beasley are great complementary pieces to a stud in Diggs.

The WR corps he has now is by far the best he will have. And he has Dawson Knox coming into year 2 looking to take a big step forward In the backfield he has Zack Moss (@BallBlastEm & @FFballblast) who they love for good reason and Singletary.

Allen is also very mobile and good for 400-600 yards on the ground and a handful of TDs here and there (expect Moss to take the goal-line work).

With consistent progression, improving weapons, mobility, and full-fledged support from the coaching staff, you can expect nothing less from Allen than being an elite fantasy weapon moving forward!

He finished as QB6 last year, borderline QB1 his rookie year, and is only getting better with a better supporting cast. If he is outside of your top 8 rankings, you should dig more into it and readjust!