• Chris Miles

Post Week 4 Buy/Sell

The Draft Director / @ChrisMiles1017

Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth installment of my weekly Buy/Sell column here for the Fantasy Scouts. In these pieces, I talk about what players' market values may be lower than they should and whose values are too high. This way we can take advantage of these value fluctuations and make our teams better for the eventual playoff push. Let’s dive in now!

(This article is assuming full PPR, Superflex, redraft. But can be applied to any form of redraft league.)

QB Buy and Sell

My QB buy for this week is Daniel Jones. Jones has had a tough go of it so far this season, but I assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel. His Matchups so far have been against Pittsburgh (top 5 NFL defense), Chicago (2nd best against QBs in fantasy), San Fran (6th best against QBs in fantasy), and Los Angeles Rams (10th best against QBs in fantasy). This is quite an awful schedule to start the year for any NFL QB, much less a guy that lost his all-pro RB and has WRs dealing with injuries. Devonta Freeman looked good this past weekend and that should help this offense’s overall production. Jones’s next few matchups are the Cowboys, Washington, and Philadelphia. Buy now while you still can.

My QB sell heading into week 5 is Teddy Bridgewater. The Panther's offense is made to go through the RB once they’re close to the goal line. They have currently thrown a total of 2 TD passes to their WRs. Teddy just came off a huge week against Arizona but let’s be honest their defense isn't all that great. He also has a matchup coming up against the Falcons which should be a high-scoring shootout. I would bet Teddy has another solid outing in week 5 so I would wait until after this week then sell, sell, sell. CMC is almost back in town and once that happens the TDs will be funneled back through him. Costing Teddy valuable fantasy points. 

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