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RoJo vs. K. Vaughn

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5 months of pre-draft research & 3 weeks post-draft research...

Ke'Shawn Vaughn IS NOT a threat to Ronald Jones (Who is coming off a 1,000 total yard season).

Let's have a chat. ⬇️

Let's first talk about Jones, his production, show some tape, and what the coaching staff has said about him for months. Then we will look at Vaughn and everything he brings to the table. Make sure you read everything, because it's more than worth your time...

Ronald Jones:

ROJO's 2018 rookie year, yeah it was disappointing and bad. The old coaching staff takes an electric player and then runs a cookie cutter offense. Round peg-square hole situation, no one is denying that. A month ago I ran a poll, over 50% of you said you watched less than 2 Buccaneers games last year.

Some quick stats: 

Jones averaged 4.2 YPC. Barber averaged 3.1 YPC.

Jones averaged 5.1 yards per touch. Barber averaged 3.4 yards per touch. 

If you watched at all last year, Jones was miles better than Barber and it wasn't close.

Film isn't doing it for you? How about these analytics? Jones is fantastic at creating yards; Derrick Henry was #1 in the league with 1.75 yards created per attempt and Jones followed suit creating 1.72 yards created per attempt. Heres an example:

Jones ranked 2nd in the league in broken tackles per attempt with .13 (Kamara .16).

Jones was 4th in attempts per broken tackle.

Don't believe me, check for yourself.


He had 230 yards taken away because of penalty. 80+ in this game alone.

No one likes hypotheticals, but if the Bucs clean up the penalties next year, they were THE MOST penalized team last year, Jones will have a ton more yards simply over stuff he cannot control.

There's a hatred and rumor ROJO can't catch. Again, proof people didn't watch him. Jones was 2nd in the NFL in yards per catch for RBs with 10.1, 31 receptions with 1 drop. The people who claim he can't catch, didn't watch him, and then for some reason, ignore the stats.

Better yet, all offseason he's grinded his face off to get even better in the passing game. Heres some of that work.



Since entering the league he has put on 20 pounds of muscle. You could see it last year towards the end of the year when the light really began to come on. He is big, fast, and explosive. Here's another fun example of the power he runs with.

Can he improve in pass protection? Yes, but could it also be as simple as learning Bruce Arians offense is as hard as learning Chinese and Calculus at the same time. It takes time to learn an offense. If you've ever been around the game beyond high school you can attest to this. College offenses are hard. But NFL offenses are insane. Learning blitz pickup in an NFL offense is the hardest thing a RB in the NFL will do.

Its deeper than "oh thats my guy hit him". There are areas you scan. Zones you feel, bodies flying, etc.

Give him year 2 in that offense and grinding this summer and I think he will be fine. It is an issue, but you keep developing as NFL players once you get to the league. He knows it is a weakness, he will fix it. The big argument about Ronald Jones is "that's not Bruce Arians guy".

2 things:

1. He's Jason Lichts guy. THAT MATTERS.

2. Everyone loves Bruce Arians for being ungodly blunt. He didn't believe in Jameis and said "if we can win with that QB we can win with any". Jason Licht AND Bruce Arians all offseason have raved and spoken highly of Ronald Jones. "We have a lot of faith in Ronald, and in fact, we have more faith in him now that we ever have."


Ke'Shawn Vaughn:

The 76th overall pick in this years draft. A guy no one was high on. Every team in the league had a 4-5th round grade on. Someone that many coaches and scouts say is "just a guy". So, why all the made up love? Well, no one watched ROJO last year and then created narratives and held onto them. 

Ke'Shawn Vaughn rushed for over 1000 yards while in the SEC.... kind of.


Read this real fast.


Big shoutout to @BallBlastEm for her awesome work! Follow her!


All the analytics stack up against Vaughn as well. 3rd round RBs rarely hit. 5 year college RBs rarely hit. Add those 2 together and yikes.

(Last one was DJ and that's a coincidence. Vaughn is no where near the athlete or prospect. DJ didn't transfer, Vaughn did FWIW.)

There was an article I read 2 weeks ago by either Pewter Plank or another Bucs source where it talked about "Why did the Bucs draft Vaughn in the 3rd when he's a day 3 guy?" The claim is the Bucs panicked while on the clock because they already traded their 4th rounder away and they knew they wound not likely get him later? That is more speculation, but where there's smoke there is fire. They also passed on Dobbins, Why? Well, they believe in Ronald Jones. They've been saying that all offseason, but needed a backup. They got one in Vaughn, but with a more premium pick. Everyone close to that organization believes Vaughn will "compliment Jones IF he can beat out Dare." He has a mountain to climb and behind an athletic stud with Jones with all the potential in the world. Amongst the fantasy community, there is some narrative Vaughn is great at pass-blocking because some numbers somewhere say so.

2 things:

1. Vanderbilt runs a very vanilla CFB offense. Not too many exotic things going on that you can mess up unlike in TB.

2. Scouts and people who "know their stuff" see things 100% differently.

Instead of me doing the talking, I'll let others do the talking. 2 lines from credible sources talking about Vaughns poor pass blocking ability.



You see many people hanging their heads on playerprofilers player comp. They are great, but you can't look at numbers then make comps. Go check out Alvin Kamara player comp (M. Lynch), then comeback and say you have any faith in their credibility in that department.



Ronald Jones is the guy. The truth hurts. Ignore the fantasy hype, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and win championships. 

It is that easy.