• Sam Erman

Rookie Profile: AJ Dillion

Twitter: @FFBallAllDay AJ Dillon - the best of Both Worlds? The first few tweets go over the physical measurements and comparisons Then we go over LaFleur's coaching History. And finally, we go over the scheme shifting and what to expect in the future Personally believe, WELL worth your time.

When looking at Dillon, his physical comp is Derrick Henry and it's really easy to see. This is very likely why they went and locked him down in the 2nd (more to come on that in a bit) Both Dillon and Henry are special physical specimens.

Henry is 6'3, weighs 247 pounds

  • 4.54 40-time

  • 116-speed score

  • 127.9-burst score

  • 22 bench reps

Dillon is 6'0, weighs 247 pounds

  • 4.53 40-time

  • 117.3-speed score

  • 135.2-burst score

  • 23 bench reps

Both huge body, big frame guys. Dillon is the ever slightly better athlete. Both were just total units in college. Henry's final season he amassed 395 carries, 2219 yards, and 28 TDs. Dillon's final season he amassed 318 carries, 1685 yards, 15 TDs. Dillon was almost as efficient with a worse program. Bama is often up by 4-5 TDs so they can just pound the rock non-stop. The same cannot be said for Boston College. They are not Bama. In 2015 Henry rushed behind the #1 ranked O-line in the country In 2019 Dillon rushed behind the #35 ranked O-line in the country AND was almost as efficient as Henry. Dillon averaged 5.3 ypc Henry averaged 5.6 ypc This is where the scheme change comes into play. If Dillon and Henry are on different teams why is it so important that the Comps are so close? History. Not long-ago history. Matt LaFleur's coaching history. LaFleur spent from 2015-2017 with Kyle Shanahan LaFleur spent 2017-2018 with Sean McVay LaFleur then spent 2018-2019 with Mike Vrabel What is so important about that? Most of his years being a "higher up" coach (all but 1) has been spent with schemes that have been designed with run-heavy focuses. Shanahan uses his Full Backs like no one else. Vrabel came in and started using Derrick Henry like the total BRUTE he is. LaFleur was around for those 2 schemes. He saw how effective they were and wants to use them himself. One of the only arguments against Ronald Jones is that "he isn't Arians guy" (He's still Jason Licht, the GMs guy btw) and Aaron Jones was Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson's guy. Both are now gone. So, that same argument can't be made for a guy on his contract year? Sure it can. In the 2nd round, LaFleur had a say on Dillon They then got destroyed, and I mean DESTROYED for taking a TE in the 3rd. That pick had onions that needed to be peeled back on. The name of that pick? Josiah Deguara. Who is his realistic NFL Comp? Kyle Juszczyk. Check this out. Deguara - 6'2" 242 pounds

  • 4.72 40-time

  • 94.5-speed score

  • 119.6 burst score

  • 11.5 agility score

  • 25 bench press reps

Juszczyk - 6'1" 248 pounds

  • 4.76 40-time

  • 96.6-speed score

  • 123.4 burst score

  • 11.12 agility score

  • 24 bench press reps

The Packers have Deguara comped to Juszczyk and for good reason. He is expected to come in and have the Kyle J role for that offense. It is NO coincidence that LaFleur spent time with Shanahan and Vrabel then drafts a Henry and Juszczyk comp. He has a plan for the running game. QB situation, I won't touch with this thread. WR they have a top 3 guy out wide. A bunch of (meh) guys elsewhere. St. Brown is also coming back next year and they are high on him. For what that is worth. But looking forward, it is clear to see the Packers have a plan. Many may not be able to see past the immediate plan. They felt they were "close." Maybe that's why they felt they could go get a QB. Give Rodgers a better run game and still has a better weapon on the outside than Jimmy G does (but he has more solid ones). Let’s talk Aaron Jones. It is his contract year. Coach AND GM who drafted him are gone. Played his first full season last year and had a good year. But, the Packers drafted Dillon and Deguara and a few linemen late for a reason. It was an accident. They are shifting for the long term. The longer-term (likely 2021) is a combination of that SF heavy run game with a Full-Back and the Tennessee run game with a Tank. LaFleur looks to be having the best of both worlds. A tank running behind a fantastic young FB in Deguara. It likely won't be 2020 that Dillon is the lead guy for that offense. That is why I say "long term" for Dynasty. But that's what dynasty is about. Being able to see past the immediate to see both short and long term. Oftentimes, we talk about "the writing on the wall" and Green Bay has given us their formula. It is up to us to see whether or not we care to take it and run with it. Go get Dillon, sit on him, and BE patient. GB has shown us their formula.