• Austin Evans

TNF Preview: Broncos @ Browns

Twitter: @austin_evans7

Denver Broncos Overview:

After a hot start to the season, Denver has cooled off as they’ve lost three straight to give them a 3-3 record. With the Chiefs struggling it's make-or-break time for Denver if they want a shot at the playoffs. The defense has struggled the last few weeks, but I expect them to get back on track against an injury-riddled Browns offense.

Cleveland Browns Overview:

All we’ve heard about all week is the unbelievable amount of injuries Cleveland has sustained the last few weeks. Just brutal for the Browns coming off of two tough losses to the Cardinals and Chargers. Now staring down a potential 3-4 record after being offseason sleeper picks for the Super Bowl, the Browns are relying on Case Keenum to right the ship on Thursday Night Football. Can’t be too enthused if you’re a Browns fan.

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