• Austin Evans

TNF Preview: Chargers @ Raiders

Austin Evans / @austin_evans7

Thursday Night Football Preview: Chargers @ Raiders

Week 15 is here. The semi finals in most leagues and the stakes couldn’t be higher! Everything you need to know about tonight’s matchup to get you one step closer to that trophy.

Los Angeles Chargers Overview:

The second-best team in LA sure has a bright future, but they’ve struggled to win close games this year... and every year. It’s kind of amazing to watch how often they are put in situations where they need a miracle at the end of the game. It feels like its every week, and I feel for you Chargers fans. But back to fantasy! This game like all of their games, should come down to the wire. This defense is not what it’s been in the past, and the Raiders have been on fire lately (minus the Falcons game). LA will need to get their own offense humming in order to keep up.

Las Vegas Raiders Overview:

The Raiders have been an interesting team to watch this year. One week they’re the pass happiest team in the NFL and the next Josh Jacobs has 35 carries. A very difficult team to understand and predict, but I’m sure that’s what Gruden is hoping for. I think the team we see tonight will be much more balanced, but game script will lead them to Carr slinging the rock all night.

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