• Austin Evans

TNF Preview: Jaguars @ Bengals

Twitter: @austin_evans7

Cincinnati Bengals Overview:

Former number one overall pick Joe Burrow leads his team into Thursday Night Football sitting atop the AFC North. Just like we all thought he would be back in July. Fresh off of giving the Steelers a smackdown this past weekend, the Bengals look to strengthen their hold on the division title against the winless Jaguars. Let’s see if Burrow and his main man Ja’Marr Chase can make it four weeks in a row finding the endzone together.

Jacksonville Jaguars Overview:

Urban Meyer and the Jaguars are having a rough start to their 2021 season. It’s safe to say number one overall selection Trevor Lawrence hasn’t quite lived up to the lofty expectations he was handed during the offseason. While Lawrence has struggled heavily in his first few games, there is a bit of hope. Only three rookie quarterbacks have recorded 2+ interceptions in their first three games. One of course is Trevor, the other two? Oh, just a couple of guys named Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning. Pretty obscure names there, but their careers turned out alright. Let’s see if Lawrence can keep the trend rolling.

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