• Austin Evans

TNF Preview: Jets @ Colts

Twitter: @austin_evans7

Indianapolis Colts Overview:

Should the Colts lean on Jonathan Taylor more in the second half of the season? Carson Wentz has made it clear he can’t be trusted to win them games with his costly mistakes recently. Indy is at a crossroads in their season as they’re 1-2 in their three divisional matchups and a tough road the rest of the way with matchups against the Bills, Bucs, and Cardinals.

New York Jets Overview:

The Jets have now pulled off two absolute stunners against current division leaders. Could this be another trap game? My heart wants to say yes, but my head says no. The 405 passing yards by Mike White in his first-ever start just screams flukey. While I want to root for the guy, it just seems unlikely that he can come anywhere close to that kind of production again. Although the matchup is inviting...

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