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Training Camp Losers

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David Njoku - What is going on with Njoku is seemingly, a train wreck. He doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. He can fake it all he wants, but all accounts and all reports are, he isn’t happy. His play this training camp has been as bad as his acting. He has already been surpassed by 4th round rookie Harrison Bryant. I’m told it happened the first week of camp and Bryant never looked back. “Njoku dropped a pass. We put in Bryant and ran the same play again. Bryant made the play. He never came out.”

Njoku is dealing with drops and has been so abysmal this camp, he isn’t seeing many reps at all. I was told, “We’d rather have him on the sideline because he can’t hurt us there.” That is so bad, you almost chuckle. There is a divorce coming. If he’s lucky, he gets traded. Keep an eye on the Indianapolis Colts and Malik Hooker. If not traded, he could be released. And, if he is on the 53 man in Cleveland week 1, I wouldn’t expect much, if any fantasy value.

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Ke’Shawn Vaughn - The Buccaneers 3rd round rookie pick has whiffed at camp thus far. His rookie campaign is not going as planned. He started the offseason on the COVID list but other rookies across the league who started on the COVID list as well, are not as far behind as he is. It has gotten so bad that Bruce Arians was asked if he would be ready for week 1 to make an impact. His response? "Maybe as a kick returner, We got some guys that are capable kick returners. You know, Antoine Winfield was a heck of a punt returner in college, so he'll get a look ... Punt returner is so much more important because they aren't going to kick those out of bounds. There few kickoffs returned anymore. That job isn't just as important."

That is not good. Topple that with him saying Rojo, McCoy, Dare, and Logan were having great camps to this point, and he was in trouble. TJ Logan going down helped Vaughn as he was the 5th RB on the depth chart. Draft capital is saving him right now. As much as I love Rojo, no need to panic if you’re a Vaughn owner. You likely won’t get what you paid for him in return. He is a “wait and see” asset. Right now, be weary. But it’s the NFL, anything can happen.

Amari Cooper - This offseason the Dallas Cowboys locked down Amari Cooper long-term. It was all peaches and cream until they drafted the best WR in the class, Ceedee Lamb. Mike McCarthy has made it very clear how he feels about Michael Gallup as well. “Let's make it clear: Michael Gallup's a No. 1 receiver in my view,” But, that’s not even the big story. In Dallas I spoke with a friend acclimated with the situation. “There are days Amari disappears like a ghost. It’s Ceedee and Michael that we rely on.” That is scary. But then you have this. Reports coming out today talking about Cooper getting “limited work” and Coach McCarthy “wouldn’t read too much into it.” We’re talking about a guy with an injury history, someone you don’t know who LOVES the game, and you tell us not to worry? I already believe as of today, Gallup is the Cowboys best WR. Lamb is right behind him.

Not to mention the speculation he is dealing with an injury. When he is “healthy” at practice, he doesn’t get many reps. Now he isn’t practicing at all, something is up. It doesn’t add up with what the coaching staff is saying and doing. Actions aren’t matching words. Amari Cooper is 1 of very few players in the NFL for fantasy I refuse to own regardless. This is just extra fuel for the fire.

He’s getting limited work. Dallas drafted a STUD in the 1st. Dallas has made it abundantly clear how they view Michael Gallup. At the end of the year, Cooper has solid numbers, but when you watch the tape, there’s nothing that separates him from the other 2. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Be very weary and pay extra close attention as the days go on.

AJ Green - the former sure-fire 1st round fantasy pick has not had a lot go right for him over the past few years. 2020 training camp has been much of the same. He has dealt with another injury. Auden Tate and Tyler Boyd are taking steps in the right direction which is not helping Green. When he is on the field, Burrow still locks onto Tate and Boyd. Green has reportedly lost another step.

Dealing with injuries, missing that crucial time to develop a chemistry with your 1st overall pick QB and 2 younger bucks balling out is not a good formula for Green. I see 2020 more of a “fair well” tour for Green in Cincinnati. He will probably be very frustrating for fantasy owners in 2020. I expect him to finish 3rd in points behind Tate and Boyd. Those 2 are for real and Green is not someone you can trust with health at this point in his career. Missing the scrimmage due to health was all she wrote for me. I love Green and he was great for years, but he didn’t help himself at all in 2020 camp.

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