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Veteran RBs Who Can Help Win Your League

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Every year everyone is always looking for the next great thing at RB. People are always searching for the young buck and that pushes down veteran players who are going to have some value. I’m taking a quick look at veteran RB’s who will have PPR value that you can draft late in your upcoming drafts.

Giovani Bernard - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Look, there is no bigger Ronald Jones truther on this planet than myself. But here’s the reality, the Bucs brought in Bernard to be that pass-catching RB. They talked about it all last year saying that was a part of the offense they were missing. Bruce Arians spoke on it and we know from Tom Brady’s history that he loves checking the ball down.

However, if you mention that people say it was just a James White role. What they failed to realize was Tom Brady has always had that check-down option. Remember Dion Lewis? Yeah, Tom Brady made him a ton of money down in Tennessee.

What should we expect for Bernard in 2021? He’s going to catch passes out of the backfield. How many? We don’t know. He’s an elite pass-catching RB and Tom Brady is going to love him. Bernard has 342 receptions in his career since coming into the league in 2013. His best season, which was his rookie year, he caught 56 balls from Andy Dalton. His average since then was in the mid-40s making him a viable deeper flex-start. However, James White on the other hand has had a year where he caught 87 balls. The reality is Bernard will fall somewhere in the middle.

You can draft Bernard in the 14th-15th round and he’s going to have value. We don’t know how much yet, but drafting a player that you can start in your flex on weeks that late is always an auto smash.

Jamaal Williams - Detroit Lions

I understand the D’Andre Swift love. The dude can play at a very high level. But, here’s the thing and where we are at. The Lions went out and paid for Williams. Considering they just spent a 2nd rounder on Swift, the money they gave to Williams was not chump change. Since the signing, the Lions have said they will use both guys. It will be a committee with the hot hand.

What does that mean? Well, it means two things.

Firstly, it means there are going to be really annoying weeks where Swift busts. But, it also means that there are going to be weeks where Williams pops. Similar to Bernard, Williams has an ADP of the 14th-15th round. Secondly, and here’s where Williams gets more interesting than Bernard. Williams is not only going to be a flex play, if something happens to Swift, Williams will also take a huge value boost. He’s a stand-alone player with elite handcuff value. Unlike Bernard, Rojo and Fournette would need to go down before he becomes “the guy.” All of that is already baked into Williams’s ADP. It doesn’t always have to be sexy but sometimes winning championships is worth taking on players you don’t love.

(Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press)

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