• Austin Evans

Week 11 TNF Preview

Austin Evans / @austin_evans7

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

Are we in for another thriller on Thursday night? Survey says.... Yes! Prime Time Russ vs. the MVP front runner is going to be absolutely electrifying. As if we haven’t been spoiled enough by some of these games these two have had so far this season, now we get them on prime time. Who’s got the edge in week 11? Let’s find out!

Seattle Seahawks Overview:

Has Russ cooked too much? Pete Carrol has said that he thinks his team has “lost themselves” over the past few weeks. Seattle has been struggling, really since they last played Arizona in week 7. This game is now a must win, if they want to have any shot at the NFC West title. Getting Carlos Hyde back will be huge for their running game which should in turn allow them to take a more balanced approach to their offensive scheme.

Arizona Cardinals Overview:

Wow. That’s what all of us say every time Kyler Murray steps on the field. It sure looks as though Arizona nailed their 2019 number one overall selection. Murray is clearly the MVP front-runner so far in 2020 and he’s earned it! He is on a record setting pace to be the first QB to ever throw for over 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards. Let’s see if he can keep up his historic season.

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