• Chris Miles

Week 14: Dynasty Buy/Sell

The Draft Director / @ChrisMiles1017

Hello everyone, welcome to my weekly Buy/Sell column here for the Fantasy Scouts. Since many redraft leagues have seen their trade deadlines come and go the rest of these buy/sell lists will be focused towards dynasty. So this article will be about players that you should buying/selling right now based on how I think their value will change over the next 2 to 3 years. Let’s get ready to turn these rosters into true dynasties.

(This article is assuming full PPR, Superflex, dynasty. But can be applied to any form of redraft league.)

Injured Players

One of the easiest ways to gain value in dynasty is to buy cheap on injured and suspended players that are sitting on contending rosters. With the playoffs right around the corner this is a great time to check on your league’s contenders and see if they have anyone to move. Here are a few guys I’d be targeting: Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Saquon Barkley, Tarik Cohen, Courtland Sutton, Odell Beckham, Preston Williams, George Kittle, and Blake Jarwin.

QB Buy and Sell

My QB buy is Derek Carr. With your QB2’s in dynasty the biggest things I look for are upside and job security, and Carr has both of these. He has four games of 25+ points so far this season and is surrounded with good passing weapons. The Raiders staff also really seems to like Carr and he should definitely be employed for the next 3-5 years. I just recently bought him in a superflex league in which I’m contending and lost Burrow. I was able to buy him for an early 21 3rd, late 21 3rd and late 22 3rd, which I feel is a steal for a QB like him that has his job security.

My QB sell is Carson Wentz. Wentz has actually been a pretty solid fantasy QB this season. However, in terms of real football he has been awful this season and his job is in jeopardy. Jameis Winston was a great fantasy QB in 2019 but he’s now 3rd string because of his actual play. I fear a similar fate for Wentz and I’d be trying to dump every single share I had of him.

RB Buy and Sell

My RB buy is James Robinson. JRob has been a beast for the Jags offense. Over the course of the season so far Robinson has handled 96.5% of the team’s RB rushes, this is easily the highest number in the league. Derrick Henry comes in 2nd all the way down at 80.2%. Robinson is a UDFA treasure who is guaranteed a ton of volume and is also producing on that volume. I believe in the 2021 NFL draft the Jags will be picking QB Justin Fields, and he should provide a huge spark to this offense and really increase Robinson’s production in the future. Robinson is trading around the value of a late 1st and I would make that trade for him all day long, unless you are deep in a rebuild and need WR more.

My RB sell is Kenyan Drake. Not only does Drake have health concerns but he also has job concerns. Chase Edmonds has had far better production on his limited carries and is threatening Drake’s job. Drake also happens to be an unrestricted free agent this coming offseason and I don’t really see the Cardinals resigning him. The market is about to be oversaturated with a lot of good RB free agents as well as rookies in the draft. I believe the Cardinals will either draft a depth guy or sign a cheap FA to pair with Edmonds in 2021. I’ve seen a few Drake trades happen over the past few weeks and they’ve mainly been about him for a mid 2nd. If I were a Drake owner I’d be shopping him for that in all of my leagues.

WR Buy and Sell

My WR buy is Jalen Reagor. Reagor has missed most of the season due to injury but when he has played I’ve liked what I’ve been seeing. In his 4 games back from injury he's seen 6, 7, 5, and 7 targets in those games. I love seeing these numbers out of a rookie that's played only a total of 6 NFL games. Reagor also happened to receive the highest score in my WR Grading formula found in the Fantasy Scouts HOF Patreon tier. Reagor has the makings to be a dominant alpha WR in this league and he can probably be had for about an early 2nd plus a mid/late 3rd which I would do all day long.

My WR sell is Tim Patrick. Patrick has been a pretty solid producer this season and has been a great flex guy for a lot of teams. He’s also very young and gets a good amount of work in this Broncos offense. So why sell him? Courtland Sutton, that’s why. Patrick has just simply been filling Sutton’s role this season and next season Sutton will be back and fully healthy. This will cause a huge diminish in Patrick’s targets. Also, Jerry Jeudy is a rising NFL star and will only start to demand more targets as his career progresses. Right now there are a lot of positives about Patrick but his production will almost disappear in 2021. Sell him for a 2nd if you can, but take a 3rd if you have to.

TE Buy and Sell

My TE buy is Hunter Henry. How can you watch this Chargers offense and not just fall in love with Herbert and his weapons. Justin Herbert has changed the Chargers for the better. They score more points with him, they’re more competitive with him and they score a heck of a lot more TDs with him. Henry is now attached to Hebrert for the foreseeable future and I want to own as much of that Chargers offense as possible.

My TE sell is Jonnu Smith. Jonnu is young and carries a good amount of name value, but let’s be honest, he’s been awful this season. In six of his eleven games this season he has had 2 or fewer receptions, that is just abysmal from a guy still being called a top 10 TE. He’s managed to catch 7 TDs this season but in the games he doesn’t grab a TD he is a liability to your roster. We don’t want this kind of inconsistency on our teams and he needs to go. Like I said, he still has a lot of name value so I’d move him before he loses that too.