• Chad Workman

Week 2 Review: RB2s & Standalone Value

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Kyler Murray

Last week I said that I felt Murray was on his way to an MVP campaign and he delivered another dazzling performance in week two. In a game that took many twists and turns, Murray carved up the Vikings defense with 400 yards passing and three touchdowns, adding 31 yards and a touchdown with his legs. He also tossed two picks, which is something he must cut down on, but he is making an early push for QB1 overall consideration.

Lamar Jackson

The Ravens pulled off a big upset on Sunday night football, thanks in large part to Jackson’s unstoppable rushing ability. Jackson posted 32.26 fantasy points, second only behind Murray’s 33.1, with 107 rushing yards and two scores. Jackson threw for 239 yards passing, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Jackson continues to offer a safe floor and tantalizing upside with the weekly rushing clinics he puts on.

Tom Brady

We’ve known Brady as one of the greats for many years now. We haven’t always seen this kind of fantasy output, however. I mentioned last week that Brady has never had this type of weaponry in his career, and he is taking advantage. He continues to be one the best non-rushing fantasy options after finishing with 276 yards and five touchdowns on Sunday.

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