• Chris Miles

Week 3 Buy/Sell

The Draft Director / @ChrisMiles1017

Hello everyone, welcome to the third installment of my weekly Buy/Sell column here for the Fantasy Scouts. In these pieces, I talk about what players' market values may be lower than they should and whose values are too high. This way we can take advantage of these value fluctuations and make our teams better for the eventual playoff push. Let’s dive in now!

(This article is assuming full PPR, Superflex, redraft. But can be applied to any form of redraft league.)

QB Buy and Sell

My QB buy for this week is the electric Lamar Jackson. Lamar has had two pretty poor performances the past two weeks for his usual standards. If you can find an owner who is panicking this is a great chance to take advantage. Lamar is the king of this offense and it 100% runs through him. He’s had some negative TD regression and that figures to come back up through the season. I’m not worried about him at all and if anyone is, it’s time to take advantage. I’d pair a strong QB with a WR/RB to target him. Or package a QB with 2 lower-tier flex players. Check out the Lamar owner’s team and see where he’s weak.

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