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Week 3 Review: The Return Of Josh Allen

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There’s a lot to get to this week, but first I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of fantasy football analyst Mike Tagliere.

Tags, as he was known to most, passed away over the weekend due to complications from COVID. I didn’t know Tags personally, but in a way, I almost felt like I did. I know that many other analysts, readers, and listeners of his work felt the same way. If you read the outpouring of support on Twitter, you will understand why. From listening to him on the Fantasy Pros podcast to reading his famous weekly column, “The Primer” it was easy to see how much work he put into his craft. It was also easy to see how great and genuine of a person he was. He was an idol to many of us in the industry, and a weekly staple in my fantasy football preparation.

One of his coworkers shared a story of how the team had told him that he didn’t need to put that much work into his article, “The Primer.” They said he could cut it down some if he wanted, but Tags told them he wanted to do it because the readers deserve his best. That resonated with me because I feel the same way. So, in honor of Tags, here is my best from a strange week 3.


  • Josh Allen

Through the first two games, Josh Allen was sporting a 56% completion percentage to go with three touchdowns and looking more like the Josh Allen we saw when he entered the league rather than the Pro Bowl player we saw last year. Allen was on a mission Sunday to show us who he really is, and the poor Washington Football Team suffered at his hands. Leading the week in scoring, Allen notched 37.22 fantasy points while going 32/43 (74.4%) for 358 yards and four touchdowns, adding nine yards and a score on the ground. The Bills offense is back in business, just in time for a cupcake matchup with the Texans next week.

  • Justin Herbert

The 2020 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year played well the first two weeks of the season but his performances didn’t translate to fantasy football success. That, however, changed in week 3 when Herbert tossed four touchdowns in Arrowhead Stadium to go with 281 passing yards and 16 rushing. Herbert finished Sunday as this week's QB2 with 30.84 fantasy points. It’s also worth noting that he threw for a lower yardage total today, but a lower touchdown total in the first two weeks. There will be weeks when he puts them both together and that’s going to be truly special.

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