• Chad Workman

Week 5 Review

Chad Workman / @tweetsbychadfw

COVID-19 has consistently grabbed the headlines in our lives, and it do so again in week five. First, the Titans and Bills game was pushed back to Tuesday, while the Broncos and Patriots game was pushed back to Monday night. Eventually, the Broncos and Patriots game was pushed all the way back to next week, effectively making week five their bye week. For now, the Titans and Bills are still on for a Tuesday night special.

Even with a few teams missing this week, it was still an action-packed week. Unfortunately, we must continue with the weekly staple of this article, which is the injuries that continue to impact the NFL and the fantasy landscape alike. We did however see some good, and not so good, football on display this week. Let’s break down week five.


I mean, did you really think something besides injuries would take the lead this week? Sadly, we saw Dak Prescott go down with a major injury in the midst of a historic season. Dak suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle and is out for the season. First and foremost, I hope Dak makes a speedy recovery and comes back strong from this. It is not easy to physically bounce back from an injury like this, but it can also take a toll mentally, especially for a guy who recently spoke up about his mental health issues. Prayers up for Dak Prescott. There is also an added wrinkle to this because Dak was playing on the franchise tag, but from a fantasy football perspective, this is no doubt a blow to the Boys’ offense. We all know that Dallas boasts tons of weapons on offense, and CeeDee Lamb was ascending with Dak under center. With all of that being said, Andy Dalton is far from the worst that this team could do at the position. He has plenty of experience and has put the ball in the hands of elite fantasy wide receivers in the past, like AJ Green. If this gives you a window to buy CeeDee Lamb, jump all over that. As for the other pass-catchers in Dallas, I’m holding unless I get an enticing enough offer.

Dalvin Cook left the game with a groin injury, and while he did come back into the game for one play, he then went back to the sideline for the rest of the game. While his long-term outlook is unknown, it is a good sign he at least came back out on the field and attempted to return. Mattison stepped up in his absence, rushing 20 times for 112 yards and catching three passes for 24 yards. If Cook does miss time, Alexander Mattison would immediately become an RB2, but this doesn’t seem to be anything too serious.

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