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Week 9 Review: Semi-Taylor Truck

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After engaging in many text messages, group chats, and tweets regarding week 9, there is one word that was used frequently: weird. While the English language likely provides more descriptive words to use, weird really is the best way to put it.

Week 9 was chalked full of lopsided box scores, upsets, and some big names with little fantasy output. Colt McCoy led his team to 31 points in a blowout win, Josh Allen sacked, intercepted, and recovered a fumble from Josh Allen, and journeyman QB Josh Johnson, who was drafted 12 years ago, eclipsed 300 yards for the first time in his career after stops in the AAF and XFL.

Some of the weirdness, however, provided things we have seen a lot of in the past. Adrian Peterson rushed for a touchdown and Sam Darnold most likely saw ghosts while throwing three interceptions.

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  • Jonathan Taylor & Nyheim Hines

Everybody’s favorite breakout RB pick dazzled us in primetime on Thursday night, posting 172 rushing yards and two touchdowns. He added two catches for 28 yards on his way to 34 PPR points, finishing as the weeks RB2. The Colts boast one of the best offensive lines in the game, but you wouldn’t know it after the first few weeks of the season. After dealing with multiple injuries and poor play, the unit is starting to gel, along with Carson Wentz and the rushing attack. It’s all starting to click for this offense, which bodes well for Taylor. Don’t forget about Nyheim Hines either, who finished as the weeks RB5 after posting 20.8 PPR points. Hines rushed six times for 74 yards and a touchdown, adding four catches for 34 yards.

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