• Andrew Woodruff

What’s Happening: WRs Around the NFL (Part 1)

Andrew Woodruff / @ff_awwoodruff33

With roughly five weeks of the season done for most teams in the NFL, I took a glance through the numbers and came away with ten things from WRs around different teams in the league. The quick glance was on how the first four weeks played out and how did that build up into week 5.

1. Bengals:

Tee Higgins is the name of the guy you want. He was my rookie WR5 and he is continuing to improve with more practice and game experience. Yes, Boyd is not bad, but the rookie is coming on strong as he has started to adjust to the NFL. If you take out week 1, Higgins stats start to become even more impressive as he was not even used until week 2.

Higgins continued that up in week 5 as he tied Mixon for the most targets and led the team in yardage. Boyd will be a consistent WR2 type player, but he’s not a bad guy to try to flip as part of a deal for a better player for a team who may be down on their own guys.

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